Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WISDOM Wednesday: Weary Wonder Woman Withers

This story was written by Malati Marlene Shinazy

Last week, BOBB’s publisher, my sister, wrote about our family’s long line of Wonder Women – starting with our great great grandmother who emigrated from Paris to San Francisco during the Gold Rush.
When Sister acknowledged she couldn’t juggle everything on her over-full plate, I was not unhappy.  Why?  I’ve always seen her as perfect and me as... well, not.
For background on this sibling-disorder, read my “Botox© To The Rescue” story:
I tentatively decided to take this opportunity to gloat a bit.
Here’s a partial history of this Wonder Woman’s accomplishments:
After college, I worked as my husband’s research assistant while he obtained his Ph.D. — “So what’s the big deal?  Women do this all the time.”
Here’s the Big Deal: This 5th generation San Franciscan had to move to Philadelphia, schlepping my first-born.  Besides helping my husband, I found and furnished a home a home for us, sourced, purchased and renovated houses for a fledgling rental portfolio and slipped and fell every winter, sending my first-born air bound— Plus, baby #2 arrived.
Just before Dad completed his degree, I began working full time and started grad school.  Picture this:
·         Working full time
·         Raising two smart, articulate, wild kids
·         Being a great business partner to my husband
·         Acting as general contractor for our rentals
·         Totally renovating our new home: built in 1911, 4,000 square feet, 3-stories
·         Staying up until 4:00 am to write research papers.  And...pregnant with baby #3!

Flash Forward
Returning to CA, Wonder Woman started a successful consulting and training company so she could be Super Mom…  I worked client meetings around driving kids to three different schools, ballet lessons, violin lessons, guitar lessons, soccer practice, soccer games and camp.
When I wasn’t being taxi-mother, I was flying to client sites like Panama, as the US Government was turning over the canal to the Panamanian Government.
Flash Forward to Now
After a few years of working 13-hour days in corporate America, I am currently:
·         Re-launching the consulting business in another part of the state
·         Treasurer of the local Lions Club (service club)
·         Dating 25% of the non-incarcerated single men within a 50-mile radius...not as much fun as it sounds.
·         Working out regularly to keep myself fit and vain
·         Writing clever stories for WISDOM WEDNESDAY
·         Administering thyroid medication to the cat twice daily
·         Conducting seasonal maintenance on my rental in the mountains
·         Skype-ing my “almost launched kids” at all hours

Yes, Sister, this Wonder Woman is on a roll.    
Until Yesterday:  I missed my Lion’s Club Treasurer Report deadline.  I slept straight through the morning alarm and was embarrassing late for a breakfast date.  And my right wrist started aching.
·         I seem to be unable to meet my commitments
·         I seem to be overly tired
·         I seem to be developing repetitive motion disorder

It seems this Wonder Woman is weary too.
I take it all back, Sister.  We need a vacation, and cortisone shot for my wrist.

photo by Arne Hendriks


  1. Malati Marlene ShinazyMarch 7, 2012 at 12:19 AM

    BOBB welcomes diverse perspectives. So, please join us in this dialogue... But only if you are a bit fatigued. -- ms

    1. Yes, Malati, I qualify!
      Let me know if I can help out with healing your wrist? I love you, Wonderful, Wise Woman!
      Great Blog!

    2. Malati Marlene ShinazyMarch 7, 2012 at 3:40 PM

      I'll bet you can help with my wrist, Donna. Meanwhile, I'm getting Dragon Dictate for Macs -- ms

  2. Suggested rewrite: "We need a vacation, and a tequila shot in my fist."

    1. Malati Marlene ShinazyMarch 7, 2012 at 3:42 PM

      Thanks for the suggestion, Roberto. See why I nominated you for Reader Hall of Fame? You simply have the best ideas... Pls buy a bottle of Don Julio Real. -- ms

  3. My wonder woman years have slowed down to some extent. Thinking back to my 30-50's I wonder how I found time to travel for my job, be really active in elementary school PTA then the music dept in our son's high school, cub scout leader, church deacon, volunteer with our son to deliver meals, clean the house (this was before I finally realized what a waste of my time it was and hired someone), learned to sail, and stay married for 40 years!

    1. Malati Marlene ShinazyMarch 7, 2012 at 3:44 PM

      I hereby pass the Weary Wonder Woman crown to you! That life would put a lesser Wonder Woman in the hospital. -- ms

  4. Thanks, Malati, as always gives me a well-deserved Lift on Wednesday!

    1. Malati Marlene ShinazyMarch 7, 2012 at 8:10 PM

      Thanks, Pam. If my fatigue gives you a lift, it's worth it LOL - ms

  5. Nice... High Regard and Deep Respect to all Wonder Women of the World. Thanks Malati!! :)

    1. Malati Marlene ShinazyMarch 7, 2012 at 8:11 PM

      My sentiments exactly! -- ms

  6. Good Morning to the Poster Girl for Wonder Woman!
    You have inspired me to do more multi-tasking with vim, vigar and vitality!
    Thanks Malati for your very inspirational and interesting wisdom Wednesday story.
    Love ya,

    1. Jewel-- You have done more than most and continue to contribute to the La Grange / Lake Don Pedro community. You are a role model for me, should I ever be able to retire.

      Hugs to you and Don,-- ms

  7. This is hilarious - in a way - great writing, fun to follow :)

  8. Malati Marlene ShinazyMarch 13, 2012 at 11:46 PM

    Glad you enjoyed the story. It seems to resonate with a lot of lives.

    I'd like to hear some boomer Super Man stories too. Our guys work as hard and as crazily as we do. --ms