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DARYL ALLISON - Writer, Babe Magnet

bio coming soon.

BOBBI RANKIN - Writer Babe

It's never too late to try new things and take a new path on this road called life.

As a new boomer ( or---As a boomer on the cusp ) I find myself on a new path with new people to meet, places to go and adventures to seek. I'm also finding a new voice to speak my truths and tell my stories.

Most importantly is that I love being the Mom of 3 adult daughter and Nana to 3 grand-boys. My time is spent with family and friends while enjoying outdoors activities. Camping, hiking, biking, kayaking, fly fishing, barbaqing and all the “ing” things to do. I enjoy art and music in many different forms. Oh ya, I'm now a beginner at running.

JOY GRUDE - Writer and Author

I developed a deep passion for family history at a very young age.  

My grandmother’s fairytale-like stories about our roots in Germany held me captive and let my imagination soar!  Most intriguing had been the tale of our ancestors who had worked and lived at a medieval castle in Prussia, while serving the ruling class of the powerful nobility. 

This led me on a journey to unveil the family myth about secret agreements and scandals involving the baron of the castle and my German relatives.  It had become apparent that their actions had influenced the lives of all involved, and indeed, affected future generations to come. 

This mystery sparked a life-long interest in genealogy, which eventually led me to a new career path as a writer.  I published “Scandals of the Coachman’s Son” in 2011 – as a work of historical fiction based on my family story.  Most fulfilling was my journey back to the “old country” (now part of Poland) where I stepped foot on the grounds of the old castle – the first in my family to do so since my great-grandfather’s emigration 127 years ago! 

My career has taken many twists and turns since coming out west from New Jersey, from working as a secretary in Silicon Valley, to getting an RN degree in Nursing.  However… nothing has given me greater pleasure or satisfaction than sharing my family story with the world!

PATTI  ISAACS - Writer and Graphics Babe

Have fun now, we're gonna be dead for a billion years.

I shake things up once every few years and do something uncomfortable, challenging, and rewarding. Many times these challenges come unbidden, but if it's been a few years, I go looking for trouble.

I live in the woods in Minnesota with my husband, my industrial-size cat, Spicy, and Harriet Tubman ("Tubby") the cockatiel. I'm working on a memoir about my experiences living in China in 1981 and again in 2005 entitled Time Travel in China: Three decades of change in the People’s Republic. You can read snippets from the book and see photos at: http://timetravelinchina.wordpress.com/

I pay the bills by drawing maps and managing digital and print art programs for publishers. My business website is: http://patti-isaacs.com/ I also maintain a blog about map design and mapmaking: http://parrotgraphics.blogspot.com/

When I'm not writing or working, you can find me bicycling, skiing, swimming, taking photos, cooking or eating spicy food with friends.


ROB SHINAZYWriter, Babe Magnet
         photo and bio coming soon

TAMMY LEWIS - Writer Babe
photo and bio coming soon

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