Monday, February 6, 2012

Botox ‘n Duct Tape

  by Shinazy

Granddaddy was a practical and handy guy.  He believed there’s a simple solution to every problem and he applied his philosophy to repairing everything.  Even his gifts represented his viewpoint. 
When I graduated from high school he gave me a toolbox that contained his favorite tools: hammer, flathead and Phillips screwdrivers, and a roll of duct tape.  
He told me that the tape would become indispensible.  At age 17, I thanked him with a smile and when I turned my back, the first of many frowns appeared on my then uncreased, pre-botox forehead.
As the years passed, I carried duct tape everywhere – there is a roll in my car, a roll in my office desk, and another roll in my first aid kit.  It is at the top of my “Things To Pack” when I traveled.  I was thrilled when 3M released duct tape in colors so that some of my repairs could appear ‘fashionable’.  Duct tape is always within reach, so that I can mend the many worn and broken parts of my life.  Yes, duct tape will only patch my worn and broken stuff; the things that make me mad / sad are beyond duct tape’s effective adhesive ability.
And it‘s these mad-sad experiences, these unrepairable events that cause me to clinch my teeth, or droop the corners of my mouth – with the accompanying squeezing of my eyebrows.  When one is a Boomer, one has had decades of eyebrow squeezing resulting in an ever deepening cavern, otherwise known as a Frown Line.  (Here at BOBB we seem to be fixated on eyebrows, so it is no surprise that frown lines would eventually be addressed.)
Now, Granddaddy would not approve of the current remedy for frown lines – Botox – a neurotoxin botulism bacterium protein.  And, I would never tell him that I went for a Botox injection only to discover I’m Botox resistant, not just BXT-A, but also BXT-B.  Oh, joy!  I had no way to iron my frown lines.  When faced with a challenge I’m intrepid.  So, I tried Frownies that Reverse the signs of aging naturally!” skin smoother.  I was unable to get that little triangle to stay put, especially the pointy corners.  But they were sticky.  Ah, ha, sticky, what else is sticky?  Tape!  So, I tried Scotch Tape.  But it stuck to my pillowcase and hair better than my frown line. 
There is one final countermeasure – Duct Tape.  I have yet to try it, but I know Granddaddy would be proud that I’m thinking of applying his repair principal and he was right, Duct Tape is indispensable.

photo by Jim J

One only needs two tools in life: WD-40 to make things go, and duct tape to make them stop." ~ G. Weilacher


  1. I would consider being Botox resistant to be a gift. It encourages you to accept, if not embrace, the aging process. I see far too many people with 'trout mouth', rather than smile lines...

    1. Jeanne, I remember watching Nana's face as she told stories; I could see her experiences in what we now call wrinkles. I also recall listening to Gigs (dad's mom) lament about the ageing process. Two great gals, with two differing viewpoints. I consider myself fortunate that they were my grandmothers !

  2. I never thought Botox is not for me...and that there are others in this situation.
    I went for a Botox Toronto treatment at one of the best clinics in town and after the consultation a physician told me this treatment is not for me but we can find another way to get rid of my wrinkles.
    I was very disappointed but in the end everything worked fine for me using another anti-aging treatment called Juvederm:P

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