Friday, December 16, 2011

FOLLOWER Friday: Intoxicated By Her There (Poem & YouTube by Daryl Allison)

Intoxicated By Her There
Written by Daryl Allison

There she was
She had always been there
Shadow behind the screen
Before I could see her there
Teeming at the seams
Woman of my dreams
Soft skin
Dark eyes
Perfection, disguised
Urge grips
Was she a dream?
She was there
I didn’t care
There she stood
In low light
A highlight
Silhouette caressed
Backlit glow
Just right
Candle smoke swam through the night
Stilled the air
With ease stopped
Just behind the sight line there
A pretentious man feigned love there
Slight of hand
Betraying eyes
Fumbled lies, revealing stare
His affair
Once before
His woman
Twice ago
She'd care
Thrice wounded wing had fallen bare
A fainted feather
Adrift she blew
Alone together she’d float on through
Torn she knew
She'd fall forever until someone new
Someone true to catch her there
Two lovebirds perched there
Tweeting their little nothings there
Nothing that the world would care
No truth
Nor dare
No need, nor care
Just there

A working girl lingered there
Selling love
Wanting love
Wishing love
Would find her there
But love finds no home for the lonely looking the other way
Love can have it that way
Love is funny that way
My love
She stood there
Not lonely
Not working
Not wandering
She knew to come home
There she stood
How I dreamed
…how I loved
…how I longed
For her to come home
She looked this way
I looked away
Played it cool
Played it smooth
Velvety smooth
The band played smooth
All eyes up front for this one
Vacant bodies swayed the crowd as one
Married upon the rhythm
Carried away in rhythm
I closed my eyes with them
Let the music open me
Make of me what my eyes could not see
Cresting echoes, pulsing drum
Sultry voice the sax become
Haunted, soulful, spirit succumb
Fluttered among the flamingo strum
Applause after this one
I landed
Back from a dream
Back to this dream
This one
The one I called home
There she was
She looked this way
I could not look away
Dared not look astray
Her gaze locked my way
Desire of my dreams walked this way
Light steps
Slight smile
Floated there, a while
Heart skips
She walked that way
Her style

She walked this way
Where I sat alone
Siren of my dreams returning home
Red hair
Red nails
Black dress, black heels
Red lips
She walked my way
Where I sat alone
Where my breath would not come home

There she was
No longer alone
Without a glance
Pretending not to care
Teasing as she stood there
There she was
Denying my pleas to come home
I waited
For that chance I had waited
I had wanted to wait for her
Now I waited
Wanting her
Begged her
Come home

There she was
The one
There she was
I played it smooth
With a side of couth
A shot of debonair
She looked this way
A coy smile to say
She approved
She walked my way
My eyes shied closed
Subtle scent of chocolate arose
She touched my lips
Pressed my lips
Opened my lips
Took my breath away
My breath was not home anyway
Her taste touched my tongue
She was smooth
Velvety smooth
I paused for a moment
Her taste
That moment
Velvety smooth
Intoxicated by her there
She was there
I was home
Eyes slid open
She wasn’t there
A dream?
I didn’t care
Intoxicated by her there
I was home

Copyright © 2011 Daryl Allison. All Rights Reserved
Special Thanks:
Rebecca Siedschlag - Feedback, inspiration, keeping me pushing further

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